Les équipes sélectionnées du #SWBZH (Nov. 2012)


Et voici les équipes sélectionnées de la 3e édition du Startup Weekend Bretagne à Lannion :

  1. TyPad (@_TyPad_) : le certificateur d’avis dans le milieu de l’hôtellerie. Concrètement, nous fournissons aux hôteliers une tablette numérique avec support physique permettant à leurs clients de déposer des avis sur leurs hôtels à travers une application dédiée.
  2. BuddiesSport: Meet people to make sport with. Locate spots to make sport at. http://buddiessport.com/
  3. DirectMenu (@DirectMenu) : You need an app to ease the making of your shopping list ? DirectMenu select for you ideal recipes according to your preferences, allergies and habits ! http://www.directmenu.co/
  4. GoEvent (@GoEvent) : site web d’aggrégation de solution d’hébergement et de transport, autour d’un événement public ou privé.
  5. Union Edition (@UnionEdition) : A cooperative storytelling of a couple who will get married soon. Friends and relatives of the couple are helped to write a book that descibes the story of the relation. We make money by selling the printed book to the couple and the guests of the wedding.
  6. Atiik (@_atiik) : Atiik is a mobile fleamarket which allows you to find the stuff people around you want to sell or give away. Wherever you are. The first ad you see is also the nearest to you. Thanks to the geolocation you can also sell or give away anything you want, irrespective of value. Give even a simple pen away, you don’t need to send it or, as a buyer, to go far away. Atiik also allows you to pay and chat directly in-app instead of having to leave the app to checks your e-mails, accept checks from people you don’t know, or sometimes go around with a quite big amount of money to pay the seller.
  7. BreizhConnect: Our goals are :
    – On consumer and citizen side, it’s empowering end-users to manage their virtual identities. Controlling when, how and what information are published about them or not.
    -On service provider side it enables e-government, non-profit organization, and the private sector to benefit from untrusted social IDs by adding verified end users’ attributes to increase the level of trust and confidence.
  8. CheckingMachine : Social exchange platform for organized and checked news. http://checkingmachine.com
  9. Slide U: Enhance the way to do public presentations by using automation tools like kinect, voice recognition, …
  10. Ludispace : A new distribution channel which allows people to get products of their dream for free. http://www.ludispace.com/